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First Commitee: First Baby Steps

 Text: Irina Ryabtzova

Such an eternally hot topic as a fundamental issue for the international community as a establishing a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East region, globally recognized as representing a step forward towards world peace, cannot be solved in 4 days.The Disarmament and Security Commission could not have been called to discuss on a more intricate matter which combines many politically delicate factors and unpredictable reactions.

Long working sessions, discussions and consultations have taken place during the last days. Many proposals have been submitted and carefully analysed by each party, all in the attempt to give their interpretation, their Damocles sword to cut the knot of a NWFZ in the Middle East.

A major obstacle for such achievement has been highlighted by IAEA representative:

“There is long-standing divergence of views concerning the establishment of the NWFZ in the Middle East and the application of the IAEA safeguards for the security of all nuclear activities in the region. During last 2 days states were more active in discussing interior problems than the main issue of our session, but in the end some productive statements were made. The IAEA hopes that the countries would think globally and about the globe!”

As the honourable delegate of Israel declared during the session, “Today’s debate prevented the opportunity to state firmly the position of Israel. It has been stated that Israel would not engage in any constructed dialogue with the Republic of Iran until it immediately shuts down its nuclear weapon project and continue to threaten neighbour countries with it [....] It has been concluded that the recognition of Israel as a sovereign State may lead to a solution of such a problem. There can’t be any consideration that Iran will be responsible if it acquires nuclear weapons it will be highly doubtful that a revolutionary Shiite theocracy will become sober,calculating school of diplomacy [....]”.

All day long the delegates were discussing the amendments to current resolution project. That is unique in the work of the so called 1st GA, no matter how long the debates, concerning single package of amendments can go, at the end of the day a significant goals would be achieved. For such a tough problem, the committee is extremely successful. Maybe it’s time for changing places in the real UN?

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