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No one really wants a nuclear war, I believe

During the first day of its work Security Council was concerned on such a serious problem as non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. April, 15 is the birthday of Kim Il-sung – the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which made the session quite symbolic.

Sittings of Security Council take part in the lecture-room 518. On Monday the session started at 12 o’clock, after the ceremony of the grand opening of MIMUN 2013.

The first part of the session was aimed at making the whole situation clear. Candidate of history, docent of MGIMO Ildar Akhtamzyan was invited to speak about the history of the region.

“Korea is a great nation with the great past,” – he claimed. Akhtamzyan reminded his listeners of the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when not only Japanese suffered but Koreans as well. According to the speaker, this demonstrates the fact that the USA were first to use nuclear weapons on the peninsula. Akhtamzyan also mentioned the concrete wall, built by the Americans, that separates North and South Korea. He regretted that there are too little witnesses of Americans having removed the weapons from the region. Speaking of the latest crisis, Akhtamzyan pointed out that the behaviour of American forces was unwise; “to send strategic bombers was completely unserious… there was no practical need to send B-2s to North Korea”.

After the brief excursus to the Korean history the delegates had an hour lunch which gave them enough strength to represent their countries and organizations. The roll-call showed that nearly all the members were present; some of them, like Azerbaijan and Russian Federation, were “present and voting”. According to the Rules of procedure, Security Council, it means that the representative “cannot abstain from voting on any matters”. At the time of the roll-call the delegate of Morocco didn’t have a chair to sit and had to wait for it to be delivered from the nearest class. When he was placed, the President Maria Nosikova started running the procedure of the countries’ presentation. It was voted that the presentation itself should be no more than 3 minutes, and there were also 5 minutes for questions. Still, these rules were not strict. A delegate can always say that he or she “is close for questions” or even withdraw from the speech.

During the presentations the big flat figure of smiling Ban Ki-moon was brought in and placed behind the President like some strange guardian angel. Such episodes cause quiet laughs, which are really important for the participants. They have to stay in the stuffy classrooms for several hours and sometimes get bored and start yawning. If no Secretary General angel is carried in, the delegates start to entertain themselves and add a bit more action. For example, when the representative of the UK used the word “dictating”, his colleague from North Korea reacted, showing his temperament, and answered in a high voice, almost shouting. The delegate of the USA made a remark (using Point of Personal Privilege) that he was going to have a headache because of that oriental finical manner of speaking.

Such episodes helped the participants sound interesting ideas and make useful claims. For example, a curious point of view was voiced by the delegate of Azerbaijan. Everyone spoke of sanctions, and she decided to talk about the destiny of Korean people who might starve to death due to those sanctions. The Security Council doesn’t want for sure to be guilty of the whole nation dying out?

The Council has finished its work on Monday when International Atomic Energy Agency and International Maritime Organization made their reports. They are going to be discussed on Tuesday. The motto has already been sounded by the representative of IAEA, who said: “No one really wants a nuclear war, I believe”.

Alexandra Semyonova, 2 МЖ

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