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Saharic session

This Monday became the first day of MIMUN 2013. Few hours after the opening ceremony, the ECOSOC-session had started. The topic put on the Agenda was “Sustainable development: international strategy for disaster reduction”. Nobody will argue, disaster reduction today is a key point to achieving peaceful coexistence, high level of life and other Utopian features of well-being. Only 5 days and such a global problem – mission seems to be impossible! And it’s no wonder why the Chair was so strict to the delegates: bringing their ideas to life and writing them down in the Resolution – here is the main goal of our MUN.

Nataliya Tsareva created in the committee a “hard-working” atmosphere, if we can say so. She interrupted the speakers when they were out of time even for ten seconds; the applauds were prohibited after each speech to safe the time… But sometimes there were exceptions: e.g. the talk of the representative of the USA was so positive that the delegates thanked him applauding in spite of the request.

And the atmosphere in the hall where ECOSOC was working was very hot in the literal and figural senses. A lot of delegates mentioned in their speeches the problem of global warming, and frankly speaking it could be felt by every representative in ECOSOC. And here we should mention that the delegates faced a complicated problem right at the beginning of the weeklong work. It was like Gamlet question: switch on the aircondition and not hear clearly the speeches, the questions and the answers, or die from the hotness without the help of new technologies?

The atmosphere was Saharic, saying metaphorically, not only because of the temperature in the room, but also because there were a lot of discussions on the rules of procedure. There were so many motions that the session seemed to be full of formal discussions and votings. It’s a pity, but it’s the first day, remember! The delegates were looking at each other distrustfully. Maybe it was happening because the majority of the delegates were “close for questions”. Alina Harchevnikova, the representative of Malta, explained: ‘A lot of countries hoped to deliver the speech on a second session day but  they were not allowed to be excluded from general speakers list that’s why they have decided to be close for questions’. Finally the representative of Ecuador proposed to start unmoderated caucus, but, unfortunately, his motion failed.

As one delegate noticed, the whole session was like a reading lesson in a primary school. But, to be honest, some of the most responsible representatives had prepared their presentations. For instance, the delegate of Mexico like a real Mexican was the most artistic and at the same time he had one of the most persuasive position. Well done! The audience liked his presentation so much that the time for his speech was extended for several times. So the delegate was very satisfied and glad, smiling from ear to ear, ready to answer to the countless questions. You will be surprised but he was awarded with the motion to applaud from the representative of Namibia. So, we are looking forward to more delegates being prepared at the same level today.

Anna Novoselova

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