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The first day of the second Committee

The first session of 2GA Committee started with doing some research: honorable Chairlady (Dzhafarova Lola) wanted to clear up whether all the delegates tell a motion and a point and some other terms from rules of procedure apart. Probably this step was taken because of English is official language of the Committee, and on Chairlady’s off-the-session point of view the probability of being lost in translation had scared away potential delegates.


Whether because of this reason or not, but it occured after the roll-call that 24 of 27 registrated members of committee, which is supposed to involve 50 members, were present, and hardly but quorum was there to stay.


Then the report on agenda by the guest of Committee mr Igor Okunev, candidate of political science, was quite an informative and even fascinating one. The last point was obvious from most of delegates’ “how fascinating, please tell us more” looks.

Finally the coffee-break came at that very moment when the delegates were ready to explore the untrodden paths that lead to MGIMO canteens. Not an easy matter.


But the uneasiest matter was to continue a session because it took some time (probably too much than needed) to establish the speaking time. Voting, counting votes and — eventually 6 minutes for speech and 4 minutes for questions were settled — French delegacy proposal.


Actually it was the most fruitful part of the next few hours as by four o’clock in the evening all the Committee had an evident breakdown, and only the Delegates of Cuba, Pakistan, France and Poland accompanied by Sudan and Central African Republic were up to some motions (this was also mentioned by Vice-Chairperson). It was twice during the session that Cuba’s proposal of reducing speaking time in favor of unmoderated caucuses was declined.


Nevertheless, in the end of the end, unmoderated caucuses were supported by a majority and there were several blocks assembled:  Mexico, Bangladash, Germany and Pakistan (a top delegate of today thanks to First TV Channel report), then Cuba, France, Russia, China, Central African Republic and Poland. Other delegations seemed to feel abandoned because of weak positions of their countries concerning agenda issues, which were mostly discussed from financial side.

Although almost all the delegates took the floor and many proposals were stated, it all sounded like beating the air: educational problems and new global human order – and all the possible variations of these or those terms. As a result Libya’s demand of stopping the questions happened to be the most relevant.


The conclusive speech of the Chairlady was quite instructive: draft resolutions and worthwhile proposals will be highly appreciated tomorrow.


This will probably make the sessions more captivating and dynamic, because the most hard-working participant of sessions appears to be an air-conditioner.

by Polina Timofeyeva

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