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Monday, UNIDO 1st session «Their Spirit Can Change The World»

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization started its work!
The most environmental friendly committee was traditionally opened by the experts’s speech. Vladimir Vladimirovich Golitsyn, Doctor of Law Science, Professor and Vice-President of International Law Association, told the delegates about the sustainable energy, its meaning to the world and human beings’ general attitude towards the environment nowadays. His lecture turned into a very interesting and active dialog between delegates and him. Questions about «his opinion on environmental welfare» and «the ecosystem approach» perfectly fit the discussion concerning our official agenda. UNIDO’s guest told us about 26 principles of sustainable development, Kyoto protocol, Millennium declaration, UNEP, Rio plus 20 and Conference of Johannesburg. Having a chance to discuss these important events with a highly professional expert, made participants summarize a few very important ideas about environment saving projects, definitely including renewable energy sources, and remain actively involved in the whole process.

As the official work started, there was a roll-call, and we are proud to announce that most of our honorable delegates arrived at the first official session of UNIDO and were ready to start changing the current situation. According to the alphabetical order, all the delegates were given four minutes speaking time to claim their statements about the agenda. There were many controversial questions followed and bright explanation given. All the delegates were incredibly interested and involved in the whole process. A lot of motions to extant the questions answering time were proposed. And this is a real pleasure to see how concerned and focused all the delegates of UNIDO are. Even after the end of their speeches, all the delegates kept discussing the burning issues using correspondence. There was no free minute to take a breath!
Though the committee’s agenda is very serious, a few funny moments took place during the session! After a very long and controversial voting in order to extend the questioning time for the delegation of Cameroon, the representer suddenly refused to answer any. Thank you, fellow delegate, you definitely made us laugh!
We are looking forward to hear the other statements to be made by the rest of the delegates. Right after that the UNIDO committee will plunge into very heated debates and personally we can’t wait because there is a lot to discuss here and a lot to argue about!

Check out the interview of our honorable President Pawel Voronin talking about his huge experience in such conferences and his general expectations from MIMUN 2013:
«That’s the 20th conference I’m participating in, so I’ve pretty much seen a lot of these things but I think for the delegates it’s going to be an amazing experience. For some of them this is the first model, some of them are representing countries they’ve never heard about and studying the policies they didn’t known. So during the preparation they’ve researched into these policies on renewable energy. Usually at these conferences we have very good debates on really controversial topics. Here, generally, every country agrees that we need renewable energy. So what we really try to figure out is how we will promote this energy around the world. Some countries do not have clear policy about energy development or they don’t really care. So the question is how we are going to persuade them.
I think when you study you get one side of the picture. You sit in class, your professors are talking to you but UN is a very different thing. You work with something that’s interesting for yourself, you meet a lot of friends, you start organizing the conference and in the end when you see the delegates coming in, when you see the final resolution and everyone is proud of themselves. And if you are involved in this process you have the feeling that you have accomplished something.»

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