Rainbow in ECOSOS

Text: Sofia Vidasheva

Yellow, green, grey, red, pink and fuchsia. The honorable expert  convinced the committee that there is no need to worry about the working paper looking like a rainbow. The more profound the document is, the more colors you have! That was the way the ECOSOC session started on the 3rd day of debates.

The expert presented to the committee edited version of the working paper that the delegates submitted recently. Before this document can become a resolution the committee should pay due attention to the structure and grammar of the working paper. The task for today’s session was more than clear, and the delegates resumed the work. They were working as hard as if they were suffering from hunger, and even sacrificed their free after lunch time in order to finish the working paper. No minute was spent inefficiently.

The document they were elaborating was really comprehensive containing the traditional measures of donations increase as well as the innovative technologies helping agricultural development.

That is clear that having more than forty delegates on the floor representing different politics the consensus can be hard to reach. And the main stumbling block in the resolution was the worldwide women equality. For all those who are puzzled connecting the agenda topic of world hunger and women equality I will explain in the manner the honorable delegation of Cote d’Ivoire did: “Women are more passionate and work better in the house. They cook for us and grow products for us”. In this case the fact of women’s importance for the food security remains indisputable. “But not the question of equal rights” — the Saudi Arabian delegation proclaimed hereby starting the dispute on the issue.

But as the working paper was submitted and voted on to become a draft resolution, all the amendments (especially those potentially discussed herein) were agreed to be made on the next day.

Wish you have a good sleep not thinking of the amendments, honorable delegates!

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