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ICJ: Three Days Behind

Text: Anna Galustyan

One of the MIMUN traditional bodies is the International Court of Justice. The case of this year is rather complicated. It is a territorial argument between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, which includes not only the occupation of the Costa Rican territory by the Nicaraguan troops, but also that damage to the San Juan river and environment (deforestation, extinction of species, water contamination), that this occupation has caused. This issue became a subject of hot debates in the MIMUN ICJ.

The first session began with discussing the judges’ jurisdiction and the procedure. Also, the honorable judges presented themselves. They are students from different Moscow universities (Moscow State Institution of International Relations (University), Moscow State University, and Russian Academy of International Trade). Some judges came from other Russian cities (Kazan) and even other countries (Judge Cermak Vojtech is, for instance, from Czech Republic).

During one of the sessions honorable judges prepared some substantial questions for the advocates of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In their turn, both advocates presented the penetrating analyses, supporting their points with strong arguments (in particular, referring to the main provisions of a number of international agreements on this issue). The judges took the advocates’ opinions into consideration, which will be useful for the future judgment. Moreover, the judges voted for and against some important point, that Costa Rica insisted on (they concerned mainly the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Nicaraguan troops from the unlawfully invaded and occupied Costa Rican territories , the immediate cessation of the canal, constructed across the Costa Rican territory, felling trees, removal vegetation etc. ).

The most important parts of all three sessions were oral proceedings and deliberations. During them the honorable judges and madam President were discussing the case and exchanging their opinions about the matter. It cannot be denied that they often expressed different viewpoints during the deliberations, but now the ICJ are on the way to make a final judgement.

Photo by Anna Saygina

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