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Third Day in ICJ or Spider Superstar

Text: Ann Galustyan

The 11th of April, 2012 became the day of the oral proceedings in the ICJ. Although it`s forbidden for journalists to present during this process, your humble servant was lucky to look at the discussion. The honorable judges were discussing the situation and trying to come to agreement.

Madam President and the judges had a long dispute about the case. The most important subject of the discussion was the evidence, that Costa Rica has represented earlier. The judges analyzed all the aspects of this issue, particularly territorial and military ones.  They emphasized the environmental dimension of this conflict, because the Nicaraguan activity in the disputed area causes not only deforestation and floods, but also extinction of different species.

In fact, the opinions of the judges are not diametrically opposite. On the contrary, most of them consider Nicaragua’s activity damaging. They claim that it causes both tensions about the border and numerous environmental problems. Some of the judges stated, however, that both countries are responsible for the situation in the area. It is also important to mention Judge Cermak Vojtech’s point of view, who stressed that the occupied territory belongs to Costa Rica. Consequently, Nicaraguan troops should leave this territory, even if they had conducted some operations there in the past.

Then madam President offered the honorable judges to make a sort of judgment. To make this process easier, she suggested that the judges divide into some groups.  She also mentioned that the final decision must be made on Thursday.

At the end of the session the judges were quite tired, so the debates in the small groups were not so heated. Suddenly, the participants noticed a spider on the shoulder of one of the judges. That funny incident cheer up all the participants of the seccion at toward the end of the third day.

The report about all the previous meetings and photos here!!! http://news.modelun.ru/?p=800




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