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The 3rd GA: Yields of Work

Text: Ksenia Shnayder

The forth day of MIMUN passed in a carefree atmosphere. After adopting the resolution the honorable delegates were a little bit relaxed therefore a number of them came with delay. In spite of such circumstances the session began as ussual.

In concordance with agenda Committee was supposed to discuss amendments to the esolution in order to make the final draft.

Firstly, they proceeded to debate amendments to the main part of the working paper. Two first amendments introduced by distinguished delegates of Japan, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, Argentina and UAE proposed to delete the second clause which was connected with encouraging nations to implement legislation allowing the operation of various religious civil court systems in accordance to certain beliefs and under the laws of the nation in which such systems are practiced or modify it to “encourage the creation of a new department in the ICJ dedicated to identifying religions on which court systems can be based in all member states and outlining basic laws which each system must follow”. Unfortunately, these amendments failed and they proceeded to the next point.

Honorable delegate of Egypt (Sbenaty Lema) suggested to modify subclauses B and C in the sixth plank. The proposal passed and two final words in point B were altered to “prohibiting individuals and members of organizations which have been known to defame religions from teaching in educational establishment” instead of “teaching in schools and universities”. The plank C with amendment looked as follows “Denying permission to speak publicly to individuals or members of organizations which have officially been known to defame religions”.

Moreover, the honorable delegate of Egypt proposed to add several clauses from another resolution, which failed on the previous day. This motion successfully passed. And the final resolution now includes such points as “discouraging the use of the print, audio-visual and electronic media, including the Internet, and any other means to incite acts of violence, xenophobia or related intolerance and discrimination against any religion, as well as the targeting and desecration of holy books, holy sites, places of worship and religious symbols of all religions”; “emphasizing that everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference and has the right to freedom of expression”; and “improving the work of the UN Alliance of Civilization in two following directions: National Plans and Regional Strategies for Intercultural Dialog and Cooperation and project development and multi-stakeholders initiatives”.

Egypt’s proposals really enjoyed popularity and for the next amendment, except the second point of it, also voted the majority of delegates. The suggestion consisted of three clauses which should be added to the resolution:

1)                 “Encourages willing and able nations to provide incentives for states creating and maintaining the above mentioned programs;

2)                 Welcomes the initiative to strengthen the UN Alliance of Civilizations’ governance and organizational structure, along with Secretariat’s financial accountability and project management;

3)                 Strongly condemns the instances of stereotyping, negative profiling, and stigmatization of persons based on their religions, beliefs, or lack thereof, as well as programs and agendas pursued by extremist individuals and organizations aimed at creating and perpetuating negative stereotypes about religions, especially when condoned by governments.”

The second clause miscarried on account of resembling points in already adopted document. “Why we should complicate the resolution?” — expressed indignation Poaching Daria the honorable delegate of Pakistan.

Further Rouse Timothy, the distinguished delegate of Venezuela, proposed to add few clauses, but his suggestions were not seconded.

On the contrary, the proposal of adding some clauses introduced by Egypt succeeded. The final resolution included the clause of calling upon said actions against individuals who negatively stereotype or incite hatred on the basis of religion or belief to be taken using the jurisdiction of domestic courts of the individual’s nation.

After the lunch the honorable delegates approved the one large amendment to the preamble. This amendment consisted of practically all clauses, which contained another resolution.

At long last the resolution is ready, printed and discussed! Tomorrow is the final day of MIMUN. Let’s see what it will present to us! We are all in expectation of something marvellous!


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