Russian Dance in ECOSOC

Text: Sofia Vidasheva

What should the committee do if there are not enough delegates to start the debates? The chairperson of Economic and Social Council knows – “we should dance”. Starting with warm welcoming words on the white board Tom offered the committee to do morning gymnastic, which was later transformed to dances. (So the committee can have an advantage on the ball).

The most wonderful moment of all this occasion was when the committee asked Tom to play some nice Russian song so everyone can dance. After this request the Russian part of the committee (the native speakers) became so cheerful and curious looking at Swiss searching for some “nice Russian song”. To everyone’s surprise he found one and even was singing backup. I’m sure everyone will support me saying that we have a nice chairperson!

Always imperceptibly, the committee became twice bigger as some new delegates arrived. Having reached the quorum, it was time to start the debates.

I’ve counted that the most popular phrases of the day were: “Those who are in favor”, “Any objections”, and the last but the most informative “Amendment to Amendment”. For the whole day the committee was working without cease so the resolution could become as effective as possible. The delegates have discussed great number of amendments, some of which were included into the resolution.

By the end of the day the operative part of the resolution was finally amended. And now, the committee has the last day in order to amend the preamble clause and to adopt the resolution.

I want to finish my report with a following statement: If we don’t solve the problem of starving people, we will at least get the international community connected!

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