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Peaceful committee

Text: Ann Kochkina

Day 4 started with a BBC video episode “Exploring North Korea’s contradictions”. This topic evoked wide response among the delegates. Each of them had a strong opinion on the subject and wanted to share it with the others. The discussion lasted for some time until the chairman guided the dispute into another line suggesting a situation when there were problems on the line between North and South Korea which needed immediate solution. The delegates again plunged into the heated discussion sharing their opinions and methods of coping with such controversial questions.

After lunch the discussion continued and, finally, the statement was signed, which is a record for the SC, as it is already the third document over which overall consensus has been reached. The chairman stressed this as a historic event for the SC, as it has never happened before.

Then the voting for the best delegate was held, but the results will be known tomorrow. As the final note photos of the delegates were taken – both all together and in groups — and they all thanked each other warmly for the productive and fruitful work throughout the session.

Cyprus (Marcus Florian) said that they were as welcomed as at home here, France (Hausweiler Tim) “really enjoyed the session”. Turkey (Munkhbold Badarch) noticed that it was “one of the best conferences” (he took part in 13 conferences). Azerbaijan (Anna Melkina) thanked “all for being so incredibly friendly”.

Even experts and secretaries said warm words. Roman Pable declared that this committee is the most peaceful. This is true and somebody noticed that if it was a real SC, there would be peace all over the world.

The section was closed.

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